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Why Buy From Us?

1. Our prices listed online. Our competition won't tell you what your ring will cost until you speak with a persuasive rep, who may try to talk you into spending more.

2. Our warranty is rock solid. Check out our warranty section and compare it to the competition.

3. Our selection is great. We have an amazing array of choices, from side designs to stone selections and ring styles and metals, we have a complete set of choices.

4. Unique side designs! We are the only company left that is actually willing to spend the time and care it takes to make a new side design just for you, based on your artwork (for an additional fee). Only BuyClassRings can make a truly unique ring for you with your design.

From Middle School Class Rings to High school rings to College rings or even Corporate rings and Sports Rings, Buy Class Rings can can make a unique ring for you!


Side BBB Ring Selections


Easily design class ring online. Whether you are looking for high school rings; or college class rings; or for a university, school, or homeschool or hometown; or even a corporate or organizational ring; or any sort of graduation jewelry, you can buy it here with five easy steps:

1) Choose a style. Click on your style picture to check prices in various metal options.

2) Choose your side designs from a list of hundreds of designs.

3) Choose your precious, semi-precious, or synthetic stones from dozens of choices.

4) Check the class ring prices list for pricing on each element of your ring.

5) Order class rings by downloading and faxing our order form and personalize with your name, college, university, school or organization, graduation year, school colors and mascot, favorite activities, and more.

High School Rings

We have a large variety of high school class rings styles and side designs taylored specifically to high schools and homeschools. Our high school ring side designs include sports, careers, memories, zodiac signs, religious symbols, honors, your hometown, and many more. Let us make the perfect high school graduation rings for you. We can even make your highschool class rings mascot, sports rings, or unique side design for an additional fee.

College Class Rings

We specialize in college graduation rings. Our college and university class rings come in a large assortment. Represent your degree or discipline on your college class ring, or your fraternity or sorority, or even an honors society or sports team. And if we don't have your specific side design, we can even usually make one for you with your supplied computerized artwork and additional fee.

Corporate Rings

We can create the right organizational or corporate rings for you. Supply us with a digital copy of your corporation symbol or corporate logo, and for an additional fee we can usually create the perfect corporate ring for your employees or organization members as a reward or symbol of lifetime achievement, or to celebrate closing a big deal. Let us work with your company to create a proud symbol of what you represent in the marketplace. We can even work with you to provide bulk pricing on a large quantity of identical or nearly-identical rings.

Sports Rings

We have a good selection of sports rings. We make a lot of high school sports rings and college sports rings. We have side designs for baseball rings, football rings, basketball rings, hockey, soccer, skiing, surfing, snowboarding, tennis, boxing, and many more. We even have combination of sports such as volleyball and track or swimming. And coming soon, we are working on some great championship rings for champion teams.


Buy Class Rings is a division of Academic Cap and Gown. You can visit our graduation gowns, academic regalia, choir robes, and judicial gowns website by clicking on the link below. We've been in business for 60 years, and plan on being around for 60 more!

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